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Skanda Vale is a multi-faith ashram – home to a resident community of 25 monks and nuns. Every year we welcome over 90,000 pilgrims to our three temples.

Our work involves caring for hundreds of animals, providing food aid to people in need, giving spiritual education and caring for the terminally ill at our hospice.

Visiting the ashram

Skanda Vale is situated in a remote, wooded valley in South West Wales. We’re a five hour drive from London. Planning a pilgrimage?

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Puja times

Our temples are only open at certain times of the day. We don’t want you be disappointed. Before you leave home please make sure you…

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Skanda Vale is an outdoors place, so you need to come prepared to deal with the natural elements. Read our temple rules and guidelines before you come.

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Music is a big part of daily life here at Skanda Vale. Chanting and singing the names of God helps to harmonise the mind and heart.

With this focus comes energy, clarity and devotion. It has an amazing cumulative effect when there’s a temple full of people.