Puja times & festival calendar

Please plan your pilgrimage around our temple opening times, as the Lord Murugan Temple and Maha Shakti Temple are only open at the times listed below. The Sri Ranganatha Temple and the Samadhi of Guru Sri Subramanium are open 24 hours a day for quiet prayer and meditation.

Daily puja times
  • Lord Murugan Temple: 05:00, 13:30, 21:00
  • Maha Shakti Temple: 06:30, 18:00
  • Sri Ranganatha Temple: 09:30
Weekly mahabishekam times
  • Lord Murugan Temple: Sundays at 13:30
  • Maha Shakti Temple: Saturdays at 18:00
  • Sri Ranganatha Temple: Tuesdays & Fridays at 09:30

Occasionally the times and locations of pujas may change, so please check this calendar before you travel:

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