Guru Sri Subramanium, the founder of Skanda Vale with his mother.

Fearlessness of God

Guru Sri Subramanium’s experience of God was one of enraptured devotion and union – an experience that helped set us free of fear, hesitation and lack of self belief. Spirituality with Guru was about learning to subdue the senses and discipline the mind, in order to tap into the inner peace, grace and bliss that is our natural birthright.

Mahashivaratri discourse, 2003

You have been taught by these Christians that there’s a God you must be fearful of. Now can you imagine mother, your mother, the mother you love – a mother you have to be fearful of? There must be a quirk in that thinking… it’s a bit bonkers!

I love my mother, I loved her so much – she taught me how to worship God. And she had a beautiful temple. She was a great seer and I was able to cultivate an amazing closeness with God from the age of nine. And I grew up loving God, conversing with God, sharing with God all my innermost naughtiness… I’ve still got some of that!

So I can do so many things that most people can’t do. I will be as naughty as any human being, because that is what the Lord asked me to do. I am following Him. Because the Lord came to me one time and I said to Him “I am fed up being in this big city in London. I want to turn back to the Himalayas.”

He said “No, no – I didn’t send you for that reason. I sent you to the world to live like the people and relate to Me and teach them how to come to know Me.” And that is the license on which I have been living.

So I make everybody mad, have a lot of fun, do the most amazing things that other Gurus and Swamis and Yogis and Bogies and Rogies dare not do – because I have got a license from the Lord to relate to you all. So I have to teach you how to come to know God fearlessly.

And I will teach you one of the most important things in life if you want to know God: ‘Sathyam’ – absolute truth. So much that you can go to the Divine and say “My Lord please… I am a daft idiot. I keep on making many mistakes, and the mistakes I can learn from – but I need your shakti, and power, and grace to overcome the difficulties.”

The most difficult thing that the human being has to learn, is not to spend time day dreaming, but learn to focus your mind. Concentrate! Go to the Divine and identify yourself with God.

Divine friends why have you been born? To be miserable? To call yourself the worst things possible? No! God has given you an inheritance – Paramatma. A divinity. This journey that you have come on is for you to discover your divinity.Guru Sri Subramanium

Don’t sit there and think this is a load of mumbo jumbo! No, no, identify yourself. You are Lakshmi, you are Saraswati, you are Durga, you are Kali, you are all the aspects of the Divine Mother.

The little bit of displeasure, the problems that you suffer (because of your own karma) is what you have to learn to pay… like all of us here. You think I am not going to have a little bit of pain or displeasure?

But I have no time for it. Every little bit of pain or displeasure at the age of seventy four… I just say to myself “Ah, but I can’t waste my time.”

Mother gives me shakti. I am very happy that She comes and intercedes with whatever you want. Why me? Because I do not spend my time worrying about myself. There are many people who have no food, clothing or shelter. My preoccupation is about them. My life is service to all.

These guys and dolls who are here… there is a lovely lady here, she is young at eighty four! She is the most amazing flirt I know, because she is Mother’s darling! Do you know Mother loves her?

Go to Her as you are, don’t pretend to be somebody else. Open your heart, share your love with Her. Tell Her the most awkward thing. You think She hasn’t got the capacity to understand how difficult a task you have got, to come to realise God?
Guru Sri Subramanium

Don’t tell Her what to do, you daren’t, just tell Her you love Her. And your love must be about life itself, and how you can serve life. All of life, carefully.

And don’t spend any time worrying about a little bit of pain or a little bit of discomfort. For through that discomfort and pain you will learn to master your lower nature.

Do you think great Yogis and Rishis are immune? I haven’t met one yet. The problem is I know the Mother, but not these funny people. And divine friends, you are my yogi, you are my divine, and you are the embodiment of divinity. You are on your journey. I am here to excite you.

And every time you go to Her say, “Mother I want to know you.” Don’t believe – for heaven’s sake don’t believe. I never believe about God, nor will I encourage you to believe. Spend time identifying yourself with divinity, the power and grace of God.

And ask God, “Please come I want to know you. I want to be your partner in life.” And your life is very difficult; there are many hazards in our lives because we have created so much karma. And all these karmas prevent you from going to God.

Don’t waste your time… I always look at each face as I pass by and I look inside and say to myself “Here’s another victim. I will have to stir your emotions and get you to God, get you to Mother.”

But for heaven’s sake don’t just sit there twiddling your thumbs. Focus your mind, concentrate and open your hearts to the Divine. Say to the Divine, “I want to know you. I hear your amazing power and shakti, transform me like a bit of dough.”

Mother will knead you, change you, reconstruct you and make you Divine. You are like a lump of coal that is lying on the sideboard. Kick that piece of coal into the fireplace of divinity and let it ignite!Guru Sri Subramanium

But you need to spend time. Do you know, there is not a time, not a night, not a day, not a moment that I do not have a chat with Mother. You know this mahabishakam is a joke with me. I say it’s a joke because I love Her so much. My love for Her, my love for God is absolute.

There is nothing more I can do but to share in the fun, and share it so you also have fun with God. Don’t be so serious!

When I see… I saw the ceremony for the Archbishop of Canterbury; I thought to myself, “My God, thank goodness I won’t be reincarnated Archbishop of Canterbury [laughter] or the Pope for that matter, because I would set the place alight! And change all the rules to make them feel human.”

And all these guys and dolls here… the first quality of spirituality is humanity, love, kindness, caring and giving of your self selflessly.

Don’t believe about God, God is real. I tell you why He is real. If He isn’t real there won’t be wind, fire, water, ether, earth – for there is the personality of God. There is nothing that is not God.

Everything is God, and so everything is registered in the ether. Your innermost thoughts, your fears, your aspirations and all that you want to aspire to. Remember always be positive, don’t think any harm for anybody.

Mother is always there in the funeral pyre of every human being who is a devotee of Hers. For She will sit there in the funeral pyre and untie the knots that we have created from one cycle of birth to another.

Don’t worry – you are never alone when you have surrendered to God. I am never alone. I can be in my room and I enjoy and I start giggling when She starts talking to me like a schoolgirl, because She shares some funny jokes.

She has an amazing sense of humour. You think that God has no humour? You would be amazed. That’s why She tolerates all of us. Because of Her immense sense of humour – knowing that you’ve created an identity kit between yourself and Her, but you are still unwilling to accept that God is there for you.

Bless you, and if I don’t speak to you again, be happy. You have never been created to be miserable.

What can happen? You will only die! [laughter] And that’s happened to you so many, many times. So I always say to myself when anything goes wrong, “And you are only going to die – never mind.” [laughter]

Bless you, and now we are going to sing.

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