Devotees and priests outside the Sri Ranganatha Temple at Skanda Vale

Pavithra Mahashanthi Festival – Postponed

A special festival for the purification, empowerment and protection of the grounds and boundaries of Skanda Vale Ashram.

Event postponed

This event and Mohanji’s visit have been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We do not wish to organise a large gathering of people (many of whom will be travelling from overseas) until the situation is properly contained. Most likely the event will take place in the autumn, but we will post updates on the rescheduling of this event here when we know more. In the meantime, Skanda Vale Temples and Ashram are open as normal.

Thursday 26th March – Saturday 4th April.

With guest of honour Mohanji from the 1st to 4th of April. Featuring daily Homa fire ceremonies and purification pujas led by Swamis and Community members of Skanda Vale, in conjunction with Swami Lambothara and Swami Kumar from Sri Kalpaga Vinayagar Hindu Temple.

Activities will be based at the Lord Dattatreya Homa Kund (fire pit), outside the Sri Ranganatha Temple. We start each day after breakfast (around 8am) and finish before the 6pm Maha Shakti Puja.

Festival itinerary

Thursday 26th

  • Ganapathi procession from Ganesh Terrace and Homa at Dattatreya.
  • Bhoomi Ganesh Mahabishekam.
  • Homa and Mahabishekam at the samadhi of Guru Sri Subramanium.

Friday 27th

  • Holy waters from Sri Lanka and India blessed.
  • Holy waters sprinkled around the Ashram buildings and animal enclosures.

Saturday 28th

  • Invocation to Kala Bhairava and Devas.
  • Installation of a sacred Trishul near the Maha Shakti Temple.

Sunday 29th

  • Mahalakshmi Puja.
  • Offerings to the Devas and Kala Bhairava.
  • Sprinkling of holy water around the Ashram boundaries.

Monday 30th

  • Divine weapons Puja.
  • Kumbham water sprinkled around Ashram.

Tuesday 31st

  • Kumbham pujas.
  • Sacred water sprinkling.

Wednesday 1st April

  • Vaasthu Shanthi puja.
  • Straw effigy burnt.

Thursday 2nd

  • Mahabhishekham to Lord Rama.
  • Bhagavad Gita Homa.
  • Conch planting ceremony.

Friday 3rd

  • Shanmukha Homa.
  • Kumbham procession to Lord Murugan Temple.
  • Lord Shanmukha full moon Kumbham Mahabhishekham.
  • Chanting of Sri Skanda Guru Kavacham.

Saturday 4th

  • Chandi Homa with Devi Mahatmyam and Shakti Kavacham.
  • Kumbham procession to Maha Shakti Temple.
  • Maha Shakti full moon Kumbham Mahabhishekham.

Please note…

  • There will be no separate 9.30am Sri Ranganatha Pujas during the festival. Daily worship at the Sri Ranganatha Temple will be incorporated into the morning program of the festival, timings will vary.
  • The full moon Shanmukha Mahabishekam has been moved from 1.30pm on Sunday to Friday at 1.30pm. This puja will incorporate the Shiva Lingam and a Kumbham Mahabishekam.
  • During the festival period, specific timings of pujas and details of the festival are subject to change. Please check the printed program at the Temples on a daily basis for up to date information.


We need some help to prepare for the festival, so we’ll be holding a working weekend on 21st – 22nd March. If you are able to join us, please apply for accommodation – we’d be very grateful for any help you can offer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Skanda Vale.

Check the puja calendar for other daily pujas

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