A bronze Vel of Lord Murugan at Skanda Vale Ashram

Vel Puja Discourse

Swami Suryananda speaks about the sacred Vel of Lord Murugan.

Divine Friends, the Vel is the authority of Murugan and the energy of Shiva. It is the knowledge that pierces the ignorance separating us from the realisation that we are the Lord, we are the Divine Mother.

The Vel is a Deva, it is alive. It’s not just a spear, it’s a real personality, a real power of Almighty God. And we can hold that Vel within us. Each of us has that spiritual energy within us within our spine; that kundalini shakti, that power of the Divine.

We have a battle that rages within us in our lives; the battle between our lower natures and our higher self. Between the manifestation of our karma and our aspiration to merge with the Lord.Swami Suryananda

The power of Lord Murugan

The Lord gives us the opportunity to learn to use His Shakti, His power, to help us to be victorious in our path of evolution. To help us to use our discrimination to choose that which will help us merge with the Lord.

Shakti is power. But Shakti is also truth, absolute truth. So Satyam is Shakti. It’s not relative truth, it’s absolute. There’s no compromising – absolute truth. And absolute truth is jnana, is knowledge, is purity. When we talk about purity, understand what that actually means:

Purity is complete clarity, complete transparency, complete openness and honesty. Purity arises when it is just the Self within you that is expressed – the love of God within you, shining brilliantly.Swami Suryananda

That is the energy, that is the power of the Vel, dispelling all of those clouds of darkness. Dispelling all of that negativity within us, that obscures our true nature – our Divine nature.

Sometimes people are fearful of Murugan because He is the commander of the heavenly forces. He wields the Vel as the weapon of ultimate destruction in the battle with Surapadma.

But his compassion for Surapadma is so great because Surapadma was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. So rather than destroying him, he turned him into His peacock. His peacock symbolises that egocentric nature of the human being, which every single one of us has.

Power to overcome the egocentric nature

The egocentric nature dominates when ‘me and mine’ is of foremost importance. When you say:

‘I am very important… my life, my husband, my wife, my children, my car, my house. My this, my that…’

This is all ego. Egocentric nature tells us that we are separate from God – tells us that we are separate from each other, reminds us again and again that we are more important than everyone else. That we’re different from everybody else.

The Vel is the weapon that destroys that illusion – the illusion that we are separate from God, and from each other.

We need grace in our lives, we need power in our lives to help us to win the battle of evolution. We need energy. Very often we feel ‘Oh I’ve got no energy today, I’ve got no enthusiasm, no motivation.’ It happens to all of us, and that’s when we need to be able to identify with the Lord and ask Him for His Vel, for His Shakti.

The Vel is also the authority of the Lord. The Lord’s Vel was the authority given to our Guru, Guru Sri Subramanium by Lord Murugan to re-establish dharma in the West. He did that through His Vel – so it’s an incredible power. It is the energy of Shiva – Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara – Maha Shakti.

When we begin to realise that we carry that Vel within our bodies – within our subtle bodies – it’s a revelation. Then we can access the power of Almighty God to help realise our Divinity.Swami Suryananda

The protection of dharma

We all need protection in our lives. Those people in the world who are striving to uphold dharma need the protection of the Lord.

When you focus your mind in a positive direction, when you appeal for grace for those who are striving to do good in the world (to uphold dharma) to express love to other human beings, to assist all of life, then you can focus on the Vel and seek that protection, that ultimate weapon of the Lord to protect those that need help.

You can appeal to the Lord to protect you, and to protect your family. The Lord wears armour – a kavacham. As part of His armoury, He carries the Vel. We can arm ourselves with that same kavacham and we can carry that same Vel. We only have to ask the Lord to do so. We only have to identify ourselves with the Lord to do so.

May the power of your Shakti be in my prana.
May the power of your Shakti be in all of my senses.
May the power of your Shakti be in my whole body.
May I carry the power of your Shakti as the Vel in my hand.
May you walk before me, behind me, to the left, to the right, below and above me.

Then everything that you do will be surrounded by that Shakti, power, grace and protection of the Lord. You will have the armour and the power to deal with difficulties as they arise in your daily living.

Divine friends, this is bhakti yoga. Identification with the Lord. Identification with all of the facets of the Lord – the rupa (form of the Lord), the weaponry that the Lord holds.

Ask the Lord to learn how to use those weapons for good. To be successful in your life, to be victorious. To serve the Lord so that you become an instrument for the Lord, through which the grace, power and shakti of the Lord will manifest.

If you are going to the assistance of somebody who is in need of your help, then you go there fully armed. Fully protected with the power of the Lord, because there is much negativity in the world. There is much selfishness, greed and emphasis on materialism. So we need the protection, the armour, the power and the shakti of the Lord.

Most of all we need that Jnana. Divine knowledge – absolute realisation that the Lord is within us. Then we have nothing to fear. No fear, because we are Divine.

Pray for that power and Shakti of the Lord. Pray to be able to hold that Vel in your hand – to realise that it is not separate from you. Pray that you are energised with the protection and grace of Murugan – the Shakti of Shiva.

Bless you.

Lord Subramanium Namavali

Listen to Skanda Vale Swamis chant the 108 Names of Lord Murugan.

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