Devotees sing to Nagaraja idol at Skanda Vale

Nagaraja Inauguration

Mohanji explains about the role of the Nagas. With HD photos from the consecration of our new Nagaraja murthi.

A black and white photo of Guru Sri Subramanium looking at the camera smiling

Don’t put yourself in a straight jacket

Don’t create tension by trying to be something you’re not. In this warm and frank talk Guru Sri Subramanium tells us that a little humour and honesty is by far the best way to God.

Valli in the snow

Skanda Vale’s temple elephant ‘Valli’ goes on her daily walk with Swami Karuna.

Guru Sri Subramanium holding a young child

Marriage, babies & mindful living

Guru Sri Subramanium taught us to be realistic and unpretentious. In this unorthodox talk he explains the spiritual merit of raising a family and the secret to finding fulfilment and purpose in our daily work.