Snow elephants

Valli & Lakshmi our two temple elephants graze for grass and brambles in the snowy forest of Skanda Vale.

Elephant bath time

Twice a week, Swami Yogananda gives Valli a scrub to help keep her skin supple and healthy, then brushes her teeth and gives her a mud bath.

Guru & Valli 1994

Guru Sri Subramanium with Valli the temple elephant and other animals at Skanda Vale in 1994.

Elephant picnic

Swami Karuna and Valli the temple elephant enjoy a picnic together.

Elephant mud bath

Lakshmi, our new temple elephant, enjoys a good scrub in the mud. It helps to keep her skin cool, moisturised and protects from insects.

Elephant bath video

We’ve just finished building Valli the temple elephant’s new home. See the video and pictures of her first bath…