Guru Sri Subramanium smiling, wearing a blue robe and mala beads

How the Divine Mother came to Skanda Vale

Here’s a wonderful recording of Guru Sri Subramanium describing how Skanda Vale was established. Guru talks at great length (and with boundless passion) about how the Divine Mother came to him as a personalised manifestation of the Universal Maha Shakti. Extraordinary stuff!

Swami Surya with friends at Arunachala

Arunachala pilgrimage

Swami Suryananda has just returned from a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Arunachala and Palani. You’ve got to hear this amazing story!

An exceptionally beautiful image of Lord Shanmukha with candles at Skanda Vale

The Lord Shanmukha story

A miraculous story of how Guru Sri Subramanium took Justin Sparrow and Sister Topsy on a spontaneous and inspired mission, through the Sri Lankan hills, in search of a sacred murthi of Lord Shanmukha.