A black and white photo of Guru Sri Subramanium looking at the camera smiling

Don’t put yourself in a straight jacket

Don’t create tension by trying to be something you’re not. In this warm and frank talk Guru Sri Subramanium tells us that a little humour and honesty is by far the best way to God.

Guru Sri Subramanium holding a young child

Marriage, babies & mindful living

Guru Sri Subramanium taught us to be realistic and unpretentious. In this unorthodox talk he explains the spiritual merit of raising a family and the secret to finding fulfilment and purpose in our daily work.

Guru Sri Subramanium leading a satsang

Suffering is part of the job!

Guru Sri Subramanium explains how suffering can be reduced by the grace of God and a Guru. But he explains how he must then wear our karma and suffering for a time.

Guru Sri Subramanium, founder of Skanda Vale

Mindfulness, meditation & sattvic food

“Get used to good habits. If you become eccentric in your lifestyle it affects your brain. It affects your personality. You cannot take control of yourself.”

A Christian shrine with prayer candles and a picture of Jesus, in the Lord Murugan Temple at Skanda Vale

Communion with Christ

Swami Ananda describes the experience of Christ Consciousness when sharing the sacrament of Holy Communion at Skanda Vale.

Lord Murugan at Soma Skanda Ashram

Change your karma

Swami Suryananda suggests ways to help us stay clear minded and positive, in the midst of great political and social upheaval.

A Hindu devotee offers worship with a coconut aarthi sacred flame.

How to develop love

Swami Suryananda gives us 7 simple steps to help us develop more bhakti (devotion) and peace of mind.

Guru Sri Subramanium, the founder of Skanda Vale with his mother.

Fearlessness of God

Guru Sri Subramanium’s approach to the Divine was one of enraptured devotion and union. He had no time for fear-mongering and guilt. Be happy!

Guru Sri Subramanium the founder of Skanda Vale monastery in the Swiss mountains with friends.

Discover your Divinity

Easy to read and very down to earth – Guru Sri Subramanium shares some inspiration on living the spiritual path.

Self confidence & spirituality

Guru Sri Subramanium describes the problem of false piety and meekness in spirituality. In fact, true humility is being aware of your own Divinity…