Dattatreya Yagam – Part IX

Our weekly yagam offers prayers for grace, protection and acceptance during the lockdown. Chant with us at home and send us your prayer requests.

Swami Yogananda: Welcome Divine friends to our yagam. We are once again back in the Sri Ranganatha Temple next to Lord Dattatreya. When I think of yagams, two things come to mind. The first is purification: the yagam is an amazing opportunity for purification.

All of us have undigested thoughts, pressures, worries and anxiety within us. Often they sit in a person’s solar plexus, like a pile of bricks on them. If someone is really pressurized you can often hear it in the way they inhale and exhale – it’s really laboured.

So take this opportunity to pick up on these vibrations that sit within you and block that flow of energy. Pick them up, and on ‘Swaha’ offer them into the fire, so the flames may dissolve those pressures on you.

Every time you say the mantra, pick one of these undigested thoughts, these worries you have, and dissolve them in Agni.

The other point is this – Agni is the messenger. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to pray for people. There are many people who need help. Pray for them and Agni will support your prayer, so may the Divine grant those prayers.

Thank you for joining us. I think it’s time to start the yagam…

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