Dattatreya Yagam – Part VI

Our weekly yagam offers prayers for grace, protection and acceptance during the lockdown. Chant with us at home and send us your prayer requests.


Swami Suryananda: Good afternoon everybody and welcome to our weekly yagam – this week we’re at Guru’s Samadhi.

Thank you once again to everybody who is connecting with Skanda Vale – watching these yagams and listening to Mother’s Puja every evening (at 6 pm from the Shakti Temple).

When we make an offering we can give it power if there’s a clear intention, or Sankalpa, behind the offering.

So if we are asking for grace for something in particular – help for a particular person or help for ourselves, either in a practical way or in a way to come closer to God – if we able to articulate this and express this very simply and clearly then it carries with it a power.

When we make offerings to Agni in the yagam, each time something is offered, have a clear intention and focus. You can even have the same intention for every offering you make. It will build; the grace and energy will flow.

To be successful in prayer you need to be able to concentrate and do it with love and devotion. If those things come together then that prayer is powerful and it will open a gateway for you to receive grace.

So please concentrate, open your heart and have a very clear intention when offering to Agni.

Bless you.

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