Dattatreya Yagam – Part VII

Our weekly yagam offers prayers for grace, protection and acceptance during the lockdown. Chant with us at home and send us your prayer requests.


Swami Suryananda: Our yagam this week is in front, or in the presence of, Lord Dattatreya.

We’ve now done seven of these yagams, since the coronavirus consequences have led to us having to be locked down in Skanda Vale and for everyone out there to be isolated at home.

It takes quite a period of time to make adjustments in our lives – to change the habits and the mindsets that we are used to.

For us here, it feels good that we’re actually able to have this opportunity to worship the Lord, to focus on the simple but beautiful things in life: The environment in which we find ourselves in Skanda Vale, the animals that are part of our community and looking after the ashram.

We’re tuning in with nature a bit more – rather than being pulled out in all the various activities that we’re normally involved in. It’s going to be difficult to have the motivation to come out of that.

I’m sure that’s the same for many of you who are not working – you’re at home, maybe been made redundant, you don’t have a job. You don’t know quite what the normality is going to be after this whole drama changes.

We can only really look to the grace of the Lord to guide us and to inspire us, as our lives unfold.

It’s actually healthy, surprisingly, to have uncertainty – to have our normal routines turned on their head because we get so easily stagnated in our outlook, our approach and in everything we do and think.

And so the Lord is giving us this opportunity to actually think about what is simple and important in our lives, and secondly to help us learn to be flexible in our minds.

Not to be so entrenched and rigid in how we view our lives unfolding, or how we view how someone else’s life should unfold, or how the world should be. It will probably go on for a much longer period of time, in order for that change to happen in our mindset.

So let’s pray for the Grace of the Lord, of Guru to give us the ability to be spontaneous, to be flexible, to adapt to change – to reflect and look at what is truly important in our lives, so that as things unfold over the next few weeks and months, we don’t make the mistake of going back into the old entrenched mindset and view of the world which on the whole hasn’t given us the opportunity to be sensitive to God and the manifestation of God.

So let’s pray for that grace in this yagam. Please join us!

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