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The history of Skanda Vale

  • Skanda Vale Hospice
  • Skanda Vale Hospice

    In 1987, Guru had a severe heart attack. As he was recovering in hospital, he began to pay close attention to the other patients on the ward. One of the patients was an elderly man, in the last stages of life – but he had no family or friends with him. The nurses worked flat out, yet they could only afford to spend a few precious minutes with the old man – he died on his own, lonely and afraid.

    Something had to change. Guru couldn’t bear the idea of people dying in that way, so he decided to start a hospice – a beautiful, homely place where people could receive first-class care, completely free of charge.

    A good death is so important

    Guru knew that the moment of death is extremely important. A peaceful death can be one of the most beautiful and sacred experiences in life. A difficult death, on the other hand, causes a ripple of deep trauma, for many years after the event. Excellent care is what makes the difference.

    From his own experience, Guru knew that a hospital, with all its hustle and bustle, often wasn’t the best place for people to die. A person’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual care needs become of equal importance during a terminal illness. So the hospice is a sanctuary – a place where people can be cared for, and sometimes pass away, in an atmosphere of selflessly motivated, highly attentive care.

    A new inpatient hospice

    Over the years, our monks, nuns and volunteers have developed a reputation for providing really wonderful care for the sick and dying. We’ve cared for hundreds of families, but it’s still not enough. South West Wales urgently needs new hospice services, especially respite and end of life care beds… so we’re building them!

    In 2016 we opened a brand new, six-bedroom inpatient hospice unit, offering some badly needed care services that are unavailable in our area. Everyone is warmly welcomed to use our hospice services, no matter where they live.

    It is a hugely exciting project. What makes it particularly inspiring is the fact that it is run by qualified, full-time volunteers. Volunteers make the hospice an expression of love in action. We are inspired and uplifted by what we can achieve through selfless service – our lives are enriched and made beautiful through this work.

    Love in action

    An opportunity to offer your services to the Divine.

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