An alpine temple in deep snow, high in the Swiss Alps

Shiva Shakti temple inauguration

Between October 14th and 16th we will be inaugurating our new Shiva Shakti Temple in the Swiss Alps.

It is by no coincidence that some of the world’s most beautiful temples are situated in the mountains. The purity of the natural elements and the deep silence of the mountains helps to still the mind, and make us pay closer attention. As the city falls into the distance, we can gain fresh perspective and insight into our lives.

Since 2011 we’ve been building a very special temple in the Swiss Alps. The temple sits in a pristine location at around 2000m above sea level – far from any town, and accessible only by a narrow dirt track.

We plan to inaugurate our new Shiva Shakti temple on the weekend of the 14th and 16th of October. There will be daily mahabishekams (ritual anointing of a sacred image) for a period of 48 days prior to the inauguration, and daily pujas to the newly inaugurated Lingam for a period of 48 days afterwards, continuing until about December 4th.

Shiva Lingam & Nandi

The murthis you see in these pictures were commissioned from expert craftsmen on Swami Surya’s recent pilgrimage to India. The Lingam is surrounded by a three headed Naag (cobra). This is significant because the Naag is the form that the Lord took when Guru Sri Subramanium was given His mission. We anticipate that this beautiful Nandi (bull) will sit outside the temple on the hillside, facing the Lingam.

You can help build the temple

Building work will start on June 11th. Everybody is welcome, and enthusiasm is the only qualification you’ll need. There will be much to do; from simple practical jobs to complicated technical installations.

Offer your seva

Our team of builders will be resident at the temple for the whole summer. Everybody is welcome to contribute by cooking, or helping with simple daily chores.

Attend a puja

If you don’t have much available time, or if you are not in a position to do much physical work, you are warmly welcome to join us for pujas.

Join a spiritual seminar

Swamis from Skanda Vale travel to Switzerland at least 4 times each year to lead a series of talks and worship, followed by questions and answer sessions. It’s a great opportunity to get fully refreshed and recharged. You can find seminar dates on our calendar.

Support the temple

You can make an anonymous voluntary donation to support the development of the new temple.

Find out more...

Check our programme of events in Switzerland this summer.

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