Somaskanda Murthi at Somaskanda Ashram in Switzerland

Spiritual seminars & retreats

If you'd like to develop greater self-awareness and experience of the Divine, our retreats offer practical, down-to-earth discourses, with Q&A sessions, daily pujas and more.

Retreats are a great opportunity to get some fresh insight into every aspect of our lives. Get re-energised so you can see things more clearly, and begin to live more mindfully.

A poster of Ganesh for the Skanda Vale Retreat Week event

  • New for 2019!
  • Sunday 14th to Friday 19th April 2019.
  • A week of vibrant, real and deeply practical multi-faith spirituality with the Swamis at Skanda Vale Ashram.
  • Ask questions, learn how to do pujas and establish a home shrine.
  • Kids activities and workshops.
  • Great for newcomers and seasoned yogis alike!
  • Book your place now.

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