A stunning mountain landscape, taken in the Swiss Alps, near our mountain temple

Spiritual seminars

If you’ve been to our temples, and felt a connection, you might be wondering ‘what’s next?’

Spiritual seminars are for people who want to develop their self awareness and experience of the Divine. Monks and nuns from Skanda Vale lead a series of discourses, question and answer sessions, and twice daily pujas. We don’t use any texts or notes, and there’s no premeditated plan. Inspiration flows freely!

Seminars are very practical, fun and down to earth. It’s a great opportunity to get some fresh insight into our relationships, work, family and devotional lives. Seminars help us gain a vantage point, so we can see things more clearly, and begin to live more mindfully.

Over the course of the seminar, we become more and more harmonised, both internally and as a group. A strong feeling of togetherness emerges. We begin to feel and understand more about love, and the value of community.

This grace and expanded awareness can help untangle the pressures, fears and emotional knots we all carry. Freed from this unwanted baggage, we leave feeling reenergised… with clear minds and lighter hearts.

Seminar locations

Gilwell Park, London
  • Set in 108 acres of parkland on the edge of Epping Forest, Gilwell Park is just 20 minutes from central London.
  • The next London seminar is from 14th to 16th September 2018. You can book your place here from early June.
  • Demand is extremely high for these seminars so places are offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • Because we do not own the building, a fee of £85.55 is required in advance for food and lodging.
  • We make no profit from these seminars.
Fideris, Switzerland
  • In 1994, a group of Swiss devotees bought a mountain chalet, near Zurich, in which to hold spiritual seminars.
  • Located at an altitude of almost 2000 metres, the chalet sits in an area of outstanding natural alpine beauty.
  • We hold four annual seminars here – in the months of June, July, September and October.
  • The chalet has recently been inaugurated as a temple to Lord Shiva, Murugan and Devi, known as Somaskanda Ashram.
  • Seminars are open to everyone, and there is no charge – donations are offered to cover the cost of food and lodging.

If you would like to find out more about the Swiss seminars, please…

Visit our Swiss Temple website

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