Guru Sri Subramanium smiling, wearing a blue robe and mala beads

How the Divine Mother came to Skanda Vale

Here’s a wonderful recording of Guru Sri Subramanium describing how Skanda Vale was established. Guru talks at great length (and with boundless passion) about how the Divine Mother came to him as a personalised manifestation of the Universal Maha Shakti. Extraordinary stuff!

An exceptionally beautiful image of Lord Shanmukha with candles at Skanda Vale

The Lord Shanmukha story

A miraculous story of how Guru Sri Subramanium took Justin Sparrow and Sister Topsy on a spontaneous and inspired mission, through the Sri Lankan hills, in search of a sacred murthi of Lord Shanmukha.

A yellow flag with the Hindu Om symbol, against a blue sky .

Assisted dying

Swami Suryananda discusses the dangers that the new proposed assisted dying bill could create for our society. Find out how you and your family could be effected by this important issue.