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Skanda Vale is currently open with COVID restrictions. Whether you plan to just visit for the day or stay overnight, we ask that everybody pre-books their place.

Our temples are only open at certain times of the day, so please make sure you check our puja times before you leave home.

What to expect on your pilgrimage

Daily life in Skanda Vale is based around bhakti yoga (devotion) and karma yoga (selfless service).

We ask that everyone helps with simple ashram tasks whenever possible and attends all the pujas whilst here.

Chant, sing and pray with devotion. Think sacred thoughts and repeat God’s name with love; then your pilgrimage will be truly worthwhile.


We offer free overnight accommodation in Skanda Vale for devotees who wish to stay for four nights or longer and get fully involved in our work and worship.

Our nearby guesthouse Skanda Hafan is perfect for devotees who prefer a shorter stay. 

preparing for pilgrimage

practical guide

Skanda Vale is situated in a remote, wooded valley, so you need to come dressed to deal with rain and cold weather.

We’re a long way from any shops or restaurants and there is very little mobile phone reception here, so it’s important to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary distractions while you’re here.

temple rules

Skanda Vale is not a tourist destination – it’s a powerful place of pilgrimage and we have strict rules to help uphold the sanctity of our temples. Please be sure to read and follow our pilgrims guide carefully.

our daily program

Devotees arrive for the first puja of the day in the Lord Murugan Temple, starting at 5am. The next puja is at 6.30am in the Maha Shakti Temple. We serve breakfast at 8am.

The next puja is at 9.30am in the Sri Ranganatha Temple, after which devotees can help by offering Seva.

We bless the lunchtime food offering each day at 13.30 in the Murugan Temple. Devotees can then offer Seva throughout the afternoon.

At 18.00 there is a puja in the Maha Shakti Temple. The evening meal is erved at 19.30.

The final puja of the day is at 21.00 in the Murugan Temple. Devotees then return home, unless they have pre-booked overnight accommodation.


All food, accommodation and religious services are offered to devotees without charge. Everything in Skanda Vale has been built using anonymous, voluntary donations. In keeping with our monastic vow of poverty we never ask for anything from pilgrims.

  • We are accepting a limited number of coach groups with COVID restrictions.
  • We are not a tourist attraction – groups that wish to include Skanda Vale as part of their sight-seeing tour will not be permitted to use the temple facilities.
  • You must apply at least two weeks before organising your pilgrimage.
  • We are unable to provide overnight accommodation.

  • Skanda Hafan is located just over two miles from Skanda Vale Temple, offering apartments, a  bunkhouse and farmhouse, all with underfloor heating and superfast free WIFI throughout.
  • Skanda Hafan is run by volunteers, and all profits are used to support our Skanda Vale Hospice charity project.
  • Alternatively, here is a list of local hotels and self-catering accommodation, to help you find a place to stay nearby.
  • All three temples at Skanda Vale have level access for wheelchairs.
  • We have toilet facilities suitable for people with mobility issues near the Lord Murugan Temple and Maha Shakti Temple.
  • We have dedicated accommodation for overnight pilgrims with disabilities – please let us know when you make your booking so we can plan accordingly.
  • We offer a free minibus transport service to and from the Maha Shakti Temple for elderly or disabled pilgrims.
  • We serve blessed vegetarian food free of charge to pilgrims who have worshipped in our temples.
  • Breakfast is served at 8am, lunch at 2pm and the evening meal at 7.30pm.
  • All devotees must abstain from eating meat, fish and eggs for 3 days before entering our temples.
  • Carmarthen is our nearest transport hub, to which coaches and trains run daily.
  • To travel between Carmarthen and Skanda Vale, we recommend you take a taxi.
  • More information on travelling by public transport (or car-share) is available here.

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Skanda Vale is situated in a remote, wooded valley, near Carmarthen in South West Wales – a five hour drive from London. Get travel directions and find out about public transport options.

Pilgrim's Guide

Skanda Vale is not a tourist destination, but a powerful place of pilgrimage. It’s very important to begin preparing yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, at least three days before you leave home.

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