Concentration & letting go

Guru Sri Subramanium speaks of the Dharma of humanity. He talks about concentration, letting go, love and the dedication needed to reveal our true nature and place in Pure Infinite Consciousness... God.

To establish Dharma, you have to be able to change the whole ethos, because people have entrenched ideas, bad habits, laziness – inert laziness, built-in laziness. And you are to break this mould.

You must remember, everybody has implanted in himself Paramatma. Paramatma is his divinity. A chink of that totality of God, there is nothing mystical about it. People build mysticism around themselves, to pretend to be very special. God is not mystical. God is very opaque – you can see through God because his personality pervades the whole universe, many universes.

The human being longs, like a child wanting to go to mother, longs to go and become embraced by the divine. There’s a terrible frustration inside the human being because he feels that there’s a separation that he can’t understand.

You always ask yourself ‘Why can’t I go to God, why can’t I see God, what is this reason that separates me from the totality of God?’ The totality of God is very difficult to comprehend in your mind.

God’s personality permeates the whole universe. For me, it is a voyage of discovery; from one birth to another consciousness, it’s discovering the potential that is invariable for the person, and making sure that rather than dwelling in yourself, the Lord dwells in you.

At the present moment, there is no room for God in the brain, there is no space for God in your personality. Everything’s wrapped up in the brain that has been occupied with its attachment to the world of illusion. Make an effort in your life to want God. Never be satisfied. Even if you try to be satisfied, the Paramatma won’t allow you to be satisfied! You’re born to be dissatisfied, to want God.

When the human being is comfortable, that is when you’re on a slippery slope down. Deprive yourself some of the luxuries that make you flabby in your mind. Let go. Free yourself of every single thing.

And you know, at two o’clock in the morning, I chat with Mother, and I am with Mother; the Divine. And sometimes I forget to put any clothes on (because I am used to being without any clothes). And so I sit in front of her and I’m talking away and being with the divine… but I freed myself even of the garments that you wear. Anything, anything that obstructs you from going to God: drop it. You may suddenly say ‘Oh, but I can’t drop my family’ – give it a holiday for a temporary basis, for about a few hours, and go to God.

Identify yourself totally with God, for that is the purpose of your birth: for you to come to know God through the aspects or aspect that you are familiar with, so that you can come to realise and open the chakra of your mind for the totality of God.

Open the door of your heart and allow God, the Universal Energy, the Shakti, to reside within you. When you realise that you have invited the divine, then all your faculties open, for they are the chakras. You’re standing on a chakra – your feet are on a chakra, and right up your body are chakras, right up to the top of your forehead. For the chakras to open you should be relaxed: if you are tight within yourself, fearful, angry, and wanting to organise the mind and the body, the chakras won’t open.

To let go means that you relax and allow the proper flow of the energies: from the earth to the top of your head, and beyond. When you feel tense, when you are unable to cope with yourself; the free flow of the energies that are the Universe stop flowing properly.

Lie flat on the floor, with your hands on either side and play dead. Don’t take your possessions, your bank account, with you. Leave it behind. If you’ve got too many pretty girls, leave them also…or young men. Learn how to relax. Concentrate, begin to concentrate and make the point here [points to third eye] begin to open for yourself. At the moment, it isn’t functioning – because your power of concentration is nil.

You must remember, why am I saying this to you? In order to send a shaft of energy and light from your minds’ eye when you’re chanting directly to the Lord, and you want feedback from him. And unless you concentrate, you don’t get that feedback.

Why does the Bible say ‘Worship the Lord with all your might, with all your strength’? Worship the Lord with all your strength, with all your might, to go to the Lord. You will all the energy that you can muster in your body so that all the chakras open, and you are taking that energy from your mind, and with the sound of the vibration, you send it straight to the Lord. You need to train yourself how to be mindful and go to God one hundred and one per cent, not just a tiny percentage. You yourself will feel warm, strong, and able to muster all the Shakti and energy to go to the Lord.

Never say anything that you do not mean, never say anything without concentration, never say anything without directing your mind to go, to send this energy and power that you are using from your whole being to God.

How many people have I heard say ‘but God doesn’t hear me, God doesn’t respond to what I say. I don’t feel anything?’ How can you feel when you are not even concentrating and mindful of what you’re saying, and fully conscious sending this vibration to the divine? If you want to get some feedback from the Lord, you must concentrate and be where you are.

You’ve got a precious weapon and a power embodied in you, that needs to be sent with your love to the Lord; to the aspect of God you know.

Mother is on the tip of your nose…and you missed seeing her. And Krishna! He’s so mischievous sitting on the top of your head. Wait one day, when you suddenly have paid your karma, and you discover mother standing beside you… and you say ‘My gosh, how could I have spent so much time chasing rainbows…?’

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