Day visits

A day visit to Skanda Vale offers you the chance to have Darshan in our temples, but please be sure to plan your day visit around our temple opening times.

What to Expect

Darshan means to have sight of the Divinity embodied in our sacred temple Murthis (icons). Share your prayers, gratitude, offerings and love in Darshan and leave feeling refreshed and uplifted.

It is no longer necessary to make a booking for a day visit.  
A murthi of Lord Ganesh at Skanda Vale

Making the most of Darshan


05:00 – Lord Murugan Puja.
06:30 – Maha Shakti Puja.
08:00 – Breakfast prasadam.
09:30 – Sri Ranganatha & Shirdi Sai Baba Puja.
13:30 – Lord Murugan Puja.
14:00 – Lunchtime prasadam.
18:00 – Maha Shakti Puja.
19:30 – Evening prasadam.
21:00 – Lord Murugan Puja, or Christian Mass on Sundays.

Short Overnight Stays

For shorter stays, Skanda Hafan Guesthouse offers individual apartments, a 16-bed bunkhouse designed for large groups of pilgrims, and a 4-bedroom farmhouse, located just a few miles from the temple.
Bunkhouse accommodation at Skanda Hafan
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