Stories of key events from Skanda Vale’s history – plus inspiring travelogues from sacred pilgrimages to Kailas, Arunachala, Vrindavan and more… 

The Journal

Bhakti & Ahimsa – Life is sacred

A short film honouring the sanctity of all life at Skanda Vale Ashram.

Healing & blessings

If a person has a real problem physically and you want to help that person and say, “I want to heal you”, that means you want to share your karma with them. I want to take that karma from you and wear it, and if possible with the grace of God He will take some part of that karma from you. It’s a big responsibility, not an easy one.

Guru Sri Subramanium from Skanda Vale at a Swiss Satsang

What is Maha Shakti?

"The Divine Mother is ‘Maha Shakti’. Maha Shakti means universal energy. Form and formlessness. The formlessness that encompasses the whole universe. That formlessness is in the mountains, rivers, Earth, and throughout the whole universe. The stars, moon, and suns are all a part of the energy of the Divine Mother."

Guru Sri Subramanium from Skanda Vale giving a spiritual talk

What is an aura and what creates it?

Where you have power, where you have discipline, your aura becomes golden. The opportunity for a person to advance spiritually is there when you have disciplined yourself and your aura is golden.


The founding values of Skanda Vale

Guru Sri Subramanium shares the core values of Skanda Vale during the inauguration of the Sri Ranganatha Temple.
A murthi of Ganesh with vibhuti and a candle

How to develop concentration

Swami Amba talks about developing mindfulness through observing our thoughts and concentration through repeating mantras.
Pebbles on a beach painted by children

How do I reassure my children about current world events?

Swami Suryananda explains how by being positive and living in conscious Love, we can change the world through our own actions.
A beautiful shrine to Lord Ganesh with flowers and lamps

How to pray

A collection of helpful talks on how to find guidance, strength and peace of mind through prayer.
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