The founding values of Skanda Vale

Guru Sri Subramanium shares the core values of Skanda Vale during the inauguration of the Sri Ranganatha Temple.

GURU: Can you imagine – if you were in my shoes and born and then the Lord says “Now, I don’t want you to take any money from anybody… I will give you everything you want, and you go and go on the journey that I have set before you.”

Without question, from the age of nine, I started that journey. And during and after the war, I visited every country from the Middle East, throughout Europe and came to Britain. Yet, not picking anybody’s pocket, but wherever I went, the Lord’s representative was waiting – from the Vatican to every part of the world.

It wasn’t some accident. No accident! Look at this “accident” – a temple that has been built with the grace of God. Other people are running around, picking people’s pockets, to build what you call a temple, but is a business.

And we have three temples – all of them designed, fashioned and moulded and made to be built according to the Agama Shastra – according to the scriptures. It came about because I was not willing to disobey the Lord: “Don’t take money from people! Let them donate what they want. Don’t pick people’s pockets.”

So I went about, earning my money. And my goodness what fun I had, those first ten years of my coming to Britain, and in Europe. You could never recognise me as the Guru of today because I was having a lot of fun.

And when I had fun for ten years, I told the Lord “I’m fed up with this, now I want to go and continue my meditation.” He said “No. I sent you into the world for one reason, and one reason only. To show people how they can relate to Me, in their ordinary way of life. The simple, ordinary way of life.”

Have fun – don’t pretend to be holy

Now having a certificate for me to do what I want, so that I can relate you to God… good Lord, I’ve had fun. And I say to you – when you say you’re going to follow a spiritual path, don’t pretend to be holy. Don’t pretend to be good. Don’t pretend to be walking around on a spiritual path.

I’m having fun with God’s grace. I’m having fun – feeding people, helping people, going about doing the things that would please my Lord. To please my Lord is my job and often my Swamis and Brothers must think “This man is mad!”

I wake up in the morning and the first thing is, I decide what I’m going to do to please the Lord. Yesterday I spent time with Hans Reudi and two of my Swamis going to an auction. Believe me, an auction of animals (for it is my birthday on Tuesday) and I said to myself, now “Let me save some lives.”

So we went to this auction, and you had people who were carnivores, bidding against me for a chicken and a duck, but it’s fun! Mother in me is enabling me to save life and show by example that it is our responsibility to pay our karma. It is your responsibility to pay your karma. Through many cycles of births and deaths, how many lives have you destroyed? As I have, in the past? 

The past is beyond recovery, the present is at hand. Sanctify this present. You have an opportunity to put back some of the credit balance, back in your bank, so that your next birth will be a better one, than even this one. It won’t happen sitting on your backside. I never intend to do that. This is a celebration of life for me.

In my life, from that early age, ’til I close my eyes (and even that…. the Lord will say “Are you dead?” Even He wouldn’t be sure, because my nature is to serve Him and have fun). He’s given me a license for fun. He’s given you a license, and I give it to you – have fun with life. Don’t pretend to be holy. If you want to present some element of holiness, then show them that you know God, not believe in God.

Come to realise God. Don’t believe in God, for God is there – Mother is available. Every time I look at Her, you know, there’s a smile automatically appears on Her face. Because She does not know what I am going to tell her. From one moment to another, I have fun with Her.

Be full of love

Why are so afraid to say to your fellow men that you love them? Why is it so difficult? For God resides there in every human being… to be able to say to all of life “I love you”. Why is it so difficult that you should not enhance your life and others with the love of God?

Divine friends, if ever you want to remember me, remember me with love. The man who set fire to the world with love – not the man who was authoritarian (who I was, without the power and grace of Mother). But the one who sent people mad with love; love of God.

For Krishna was that love. Christ was that love. Immense love. It is the people who came after who made their lives morbid and unacceptable. Love God with all your might, with all your strength. Divine friends; recognise in each and every one of you the Divinity and power of God.

Extol the virtue of God in every human being and don’t degrade because you do not like the features of a person, or their religion or culture. There is one religion; the religion of love. There is one religion; the religion of recognising God in all of creation – not just human beings. All life.

Extol the virtue of God for the Shakti of Mother prevails in the totality of God. All the world… the Lord is there in the trees, the mountains.

We are a Franciscan order, by way of thinking. Extol the virtue of God in the mountains, the rivers, the land, the flowers. Spend time, be cautious – don’t allow a moment to pass as you are walking around to say to God “Thank you for these beautiful things that I encounter in my life.”

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