Devi Darshan

Guru Sri Subramanium shares his experiences of the personal manifestation of the Divine Mother.
Kali with flower garlands at Skanda Vale

Guru Sri Subramanium shares his experiences of the personal manifestation of the Divine Mother.

The experience of the Divine Mother came about, not because I had superimposed the thought in my mind, but because of our dedication and service to humanity and all of life. The Divine Mother saw what we were doing and Herself manifested to me.

She manifested neither in a dream nor in meditation, but truly an experience of Her, physically, and not once but countless times, coming and disintegrating my body, giving me personal shakti, giving me the experience of Her and staying more and more with me.

She saw how we sought to emulate Franciscan thinking through love, compassion and service to life, all of life. How that service has projected itself to thousands upon thousands of people who have come to visit Skanda Vale, providing food and help, counselling and care, and not just to people but for the animals, too.

We have become a refuge for the strays, for the animals that were going to be destroyed, and now we are able to think in a much wider vista and context on how we can serve humanity.

In a sense, we have graduated from those early stages when we began worshipping God through meditation and coming together, to a much larger, much broader concept because we have embraced all the faiths.

We are always there available to humanity, and we have embraced all the life forces so we can save them. It is quite a challenge really, but that challenge is not a difficult one, because when you know God, when you know the Divine, you have no fear. You know that the Divine will look after you, because we are looking after the Divine family.

That is the excitement that exists for me, that we are actually looking after the Divine family. There is nothing better or more worthwhile for us but to continue this job, and to pursue all aspirations to the fullest. For this, we need more discipline and more dedication and devotion to God, not less.

Since that personalised manifestation of God, She has taken over my mind totally. Anything that I want to know, She tells me. There is no separation anymore. I can even be going to the toilet, and She will follow me and carry on Her discussion with me!

She is me and I am Her, it is a continuous interaction. The reason is, I am totally involved with Her and rely on Her.

Sometimes, when I am doing the pooja, people say: ‘Gosh, you are just like Mother!’ Of course I am! And not just like Mother, I am Mother! It depends on what level. This is the privilege that I have. The privilege of being Divine and, at the same time, a human being.

I am Divine, and that Divinity enables me to relate to all the different aspects of God – Subramanium, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, Kali, and it goes on! That’s why people find it difficult to be with me, because I am changing from one moment to the next depending on what She wants me to be.

I would say that this is one of the changes, one of the drastic changes that has happened here at Skanda Vale – the man who was a worshipper of the male aspect of God has become very soppy, very warm and cuddly, changing things in this beautiful way called love.

This excerpt is taken from “Living with God, Volume II” – the second part of Guru’s autobiography.

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