Living With God – Volume II


The definitive story of how Guru established Skanda Vale Ashram. Gain fresh insight into the inspiration and conviction on which he based his legacy.

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Living with God Volume II continues Guru Sri Subramanium’s personal account of his life when he left London and established a monastic, multi-faith community in the hills of Wales. He describes how this came about, and the many challenges that he had to overcome, whilst maintaining a strict commitment to non-involvement in materialism.

It is a book that provides many fascinating insights, not only about the growth of Skanda Vale, but also about his own spiritual journey, and his remarkable transformation from being an ardent devotee of Lord Subramanium to that of the Divine Mother.

Drawing from his own experiences and revelations, he then lays a path on how, by forming a partnership with God, we can also be the recipient of God’s grace and guidance in our living.

For the human being, the real purpose of birth is to discover his or her Divinity, and if you cling on to the world then it is a traumatic experience discovering that Divinity.

The “will” that the human being feels so very possessive of, is the very obstacle that the human being is wrapped up in – his egocentric nature. I have no will. I am an instrument of the Lord. He tells me what to do and I obey. We constructed Skanda Vale from nothing because of that obedience. I never questioned the Lord, and this is what is missing in the world today.

Every intricate step of your life should be commanded by the Lord. You must listen and see, find out whether you are fantasising, or whether it is real. That is what this book is about – how to approach God, how to come to realise God, not believe about God, and how to work with the grace of God.

Proceeds from this book support the work of Skanda Vale Hospice, where we care for families affected by life limiting illnesses, free of charge.

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