The Spark Becomes Fire


A photographic history of Skanda Vale and Guru Sri Subramanium, spanning the 1920s to the late 2000s. Witness the evolution of the temples, ashram and community through decades of devotion, grace and grit.


Through personal stories, interviews and never-before-seen photographs, this is the unique, whirlwind account of how Skanda Vale Ashram came to life. From mystical experiences in Sri Lanka, to the unglamorous realities of establishing a monastery, to the wild midnight visits of Divine Mother, it takes an honest, hearty and humorous look at how Skanda Vale has developed today.

Proceeds from this book support the work of Skanda Vale Hospice, where we care for families affected by life-limiting illnesses, free of charge.

  • Hardback cover
  • 300 full-colour pages


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Dimensions30.1 × 24.2 × 3.2 cm