Guru taking baby Valli the elephant for a walk in the field at Skanda Vale

Early days: Guru & Valli

We just discovered a collection of long forgotten photos from the early days.

You can see how simple life was at Skanda Vale in the 1970’s and 80’s. Ashram life was much quieter, with only a handful of pilgrims coming to visit the temples and Guruji.

Before Skanda Vale Hospice began, daily life revolved around caring for animals, and on finding inventive ways to improve our facilities for pilgrims.

The main photo above shows Guruji taking Valli for a walk on the day she first arrived, over 35 years ago. The small farmhouse in the background was Guru’s home, which later became the Maha Shakti Temple.

A lot of the buildings and infrastructure have improved in recent years, but we feel that our community’s single pointed desire to serve life, in all it’s varying forms, helps keeps things simple and sincere.

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