A collage of images from Skanda Vale Ashram's 40 year history

The history of Skanda Vale

  • Maha Kali
  • Maha Kali

    In 1986 Guruji started having some extraordinary experiences of the Divine Mother. He began to see Maha Durga riding Her tiger in the woods of Skanda Vale – and yet, as a lifetime devotee of Lord Subramanium, it was quite some time before Guru would fully accept these visions of Devi into his personal devotions.

    Finally one night She came into Guru’s room, sat on his bed, and put Her knee into his back. Suddenly there were no walls, no ceiling and no floor. Guru was left in a state of pure, timeless Satchitananda – being, awareness and bliss. For Guruji, there now began a three to four year period of momentous daily encounters with the personalised manifestation of the Divine Mother.

    Every day, Guruji would relate to the community his experiences of the vast primordial Shakti that is Devi; simultaneously terrifying, overwhelming, ecstatic and blissful; sometimes taking form, and other times formless energy.

    The Divine Mother’s warmth, sweetness and love softened the character of both Guruji and Skanda Vale as a whole. In 1991, the ground floor of Guruji’s house was inaugurated as the Maha Shakti Temple. Residing within was a powerful and striking black granite murthi of Maha Kali.

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