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Guru Sri Subramanium

The first time I met Guru Sri Subramanium

A beautiful collection of short stories of first meetings with Guru Sri Subramanium.
Swami Karunananda and Valli

Archival photos from 1993

1993… the year of Jurassic Park, Bill Clinton and the dawn of the internet. Meanwhile, at Skanda Vale, monks & nuns were hard at work…
The three murthis of the Kriya Lahiri Mahasaya Lineage in Varanasi

Pilgrimage to Tiruvannamalai, Palani, Ganeshpuri & Varanasi

Brother Andy visits the sacred sites of India on a pilgrimage journey.
Kali with flower garlands at Skanda Vale

Devi Darshan

Guru Sri Subramanium shares his experiences of the personal manifestation of the Divine Mother.

What is it like to be a monk?

Endless physical work and hardly any sleep, plus Guru piling on the pressure… In this authentic story of graft and grace, Swami Suryananda shares what it is like to be a monk.
Swami Govinda and Indian man covered in paint, smiling

Pilgrimage to Vrindavan

Swami Govinda shares his story of visiting the temples, ghats and sacred places of worship in Vrindavan, the city of Sri Krishna.
Devotees sing to Nagaraja idol at Skanda Vale

Nagaraja Inauguration

Mohanji explains about the role of the Nagas. With HD photos from the consecration of our new Nagaraja murthi.

Dattatreya Prana Pratistha

Photos from the recent installation of Lord Dattatreya at Skanda Vale, with a discourse from Mohanji.
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