50 years of Skanda Vale

Skanda Vale was founded in 1973 when Guru Sri Subramanium moved with a small group of devotees from London to Wales. Throughout 2023, we’ll be celebrating our 50th anniversary.

time to celebrate

Much has changed at Skanda Vale over the last 50 years, but it is that which has remained constant since Guru’s arrival in 1973 that matters most to us.

We’re excited to share with you never-before-seen film, images, and audio from our archives, as well as commemorate the milestones and events that have shaped our history. But what truly defines this special year are our three key events, and you’ll find all the details about them below.

Kumbhabhishekham of a Shirdi Sai Baba murthi


Our 50th anniversary celebrations commenced in June with the opening of a new temple dedicated to the revered spiritual master, Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Baba’s teachings united people of different faiths in India over a century ago, and we hope that this new temple will continue to promote harmony and unity among people of all beliefs.

The new temple is close to the Sri Ranganatha Temple and hosts a life-sized murti of Sai Baba of Shirdi. The Prana Pratishtha consecration ceremony, involving the installation of the murti and the invocation of the divine presence, took place over four days from 9-12 June.

A white marble statue or murthi of Shirdi Sai Baba at Skanda Vale
Lord Murugan's Vel on a hilltop with devotees praying


The Vel and Naaga are essential symbols of Lord Murugan that hold great significance in Skanda Vale’s history. In tribute to these divine icons, in August we consecrated a large Vel and Naaga, overlooking the ashram.

At the base of the Vel, carved into the rock face, are various deities including Ganesh, Sage Agastya, Dakshinamurti, Bogar Rishi, and the five Saints of Llanpumsaint.

The Vel and Naaga shrine is open 24 hours a day and is accessible only on foot as a parikrama (circular pilgrimage route) through the woodlands of Skanda Vale.

A statue of Guru Sri Subramanium beneath a magnolia tree

Guruji's birthday

28th – 30th October

In October, we celebrated the birthday of Guru Sri Subramanium, the founder of Skanda Vale, with a variety of special pujas, talks, dance performances and music. These events took place in and around Guruji’s Samadhi, where we paid tribute to his legacy.

The festivities culminated on the 30th of October with a grand celebration puja at the Sri Ranganatha Temple, where devotees joined us in a joyous celebration of Guruji’s life and teachings.

get involved

Volunteers raking wood chippings at Skanda Vale


If you would like to participate in seva (selfless service) during the festivities, we warmly welcome you to join us. Simple tasks include serving meals, organising temple offerings and tending to the ashram grounds. Please visit reception when you arrive and offer your help.

Free ashram accommodation is also available to those devotees who would like to help, whilst staying for four nights or longer. 

A coconut aarthi on fire


You can support the development of our temples and contribute to the ongoing running of the ashram with a one-off or recurring donation. 

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