Palani-Muruga Vel Muruga

Bhajan lyrics:

palani-muruga vel muruga
saranam saranam vel muruga
ganapati-sodara vel muruga
karttikeya vel muruga
subrahmanya vel muruga
hara aro hara muruga hara aro hara
aro hara aro hara hara aro hara


Murugan (who resides at) Palani (hill)! the spear of Murugan!
we repeatedly take refuge in the spear of Murugan!
brother of Ganapati! (we take refuge in)
the spear of Murugan!
son of the Krttika! (we take refuge in) the spear of Murugan!
Subrahmanya! (we take refuge in) the spear of Murugan!
hara, aro hara Muruga! hara, aro hara!
aro hara! aro hara! hara, aro hara!

This song is taken from the album ‘Vel Vel Muruga!’


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